Vector graphics

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Reminder to keep bags in the car Bring your own bags - words are on 4 different reusable bags
Plastic bag ban starts January 1, 2022 Paper bags will be banned in 2023 (resource intensive, creates pollution, heavy to transport)

Vector graphics for social media and print products (poster, tent fold, floor sticker) for the Bag Ban Campaign 2021
Client: Department of Environment – Yukon Government

vector illustration vector illustration - animals

Vehicles and animals

vector animation - heating system with changing elements vector animation - monitoring spots on heating system

Delta Heat is a company that collects and analyzes temperature data in heating systems for making them more efficient.
With these vector animations I illustrate the process of how they are monitoring a heating system.
I have also created their logo and an infographic that summarizes the process on a one-pager.

vector illustration that shows multiple traffic scenarios

These traffic scenarios show some of the most common mistakes being made on the roads in the Yukon.
I drew these vector illustrations as part of an information brochure published by the Yukon Government.

James bond with different dinner jacktes over the years (1962 - 2015)

James Bond actors and their dinner jackets (vector illustration)

Further Projects