Graphic showing logo symbol in bigger and full logo underneath   Logo in black and white, logo symbol on different backgrounds
Logo drafts from the desiging process

Delta Heat is a Berlin-based company. They collect and analyze temperature data in heating systems to make those systems more efficient.
While I created their logo it became clear very quickly for me to include the rectangle as a symbol to emphasis on the word Delta.
The stripes and the colour combination of red and blue associate with the exchange of temperature.
Next to the branding I also designed an infographic and animated vector graphics. They show the process that Delta Heat is realizing.

Black logo on white background   White logo on dark background Logo used on the clients website showing on of their paintings

Trenova is an art collective that is based in British Colombia, Canada. 
The two artists focus their paintings on landscapes of peaceful seasides and misty forests.
The design of the logo is transporting this spirit of nature and handcraft.

final logo for Yukon Cares
multiple colour versions for the logo
Different logo drafts from the designing process

Yukon Cares is a volunteer-based organization supporting refugees in the Yukon. 
While finalizing the logo design I presented multiple colour options for the client to choose from.

Versions of the final RangeShifter logo
Examples from the logo design process

RangeShifter is a software platform that simulates environmental changes for complex biological systems. 
With the logo I emphasize on the sparcial aspects of an ecosystem as well as the flexibility it can change.
The client needed two versions of the logo – one for the project itself and one for their software package in R. 

Further Projects